The ski touring season is long!
It starts off with the pre season touring with a head lamp and shallow snowpack. Then we go in to the mid winter period, when we are looking for cold powder with an extra warm jacket and the warm coffe or thé at the fika brakes tastes better then ever. After this we go into the spring conditions. Long days when the sun is warming both us and the snow, we find spring snow everywhere and all the long tours are now on our tick-list. Before the summer is here and the season is over we are already looking forward to the next!

Do you want to join us this spring in Norway? We are guiding in Eikesdal all april. read more here!

Skitouring - Crosscountry skiing meets the powder
The feeling of ski touring is often the same as cross country skiing in the back country. But with ski touring we have a few advantages. For example when it's time for lunch, we are probably sitting on the summit admiring the view and once it's time to go back down we have vast spaces of untouched virgin snow. Ski touring makes the most out of skiing!

Equipment from Dynafit
We are proud to pronounce that this year we can offer everyone who skis with us the latest and most advanced ski touring equipment on the market. The gear is from Dynafit witch is the leading brand on the market. Dynafit makes high performing lightweight skis, ski boots, bindings and pretty much everything else you will need while ski touring.  Read more

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